Presentation & Remixing

Presentation & Remixing Tool: Prezi


Teacher Use: This particular day, I will have my students meet in the computer lab instead of the classroom. At the start of class, I will devote the first 15 minutes to introduce Prezi with a short presentation. I will discuss the tool, how to navigate it, and it’s features. After which, I will set aside 5 minutes for any initial questions the students may have. Then, I will allow the students 20 minutes to explore and become familiar with Prezi. I will be walking around, monitoring, facilitating, and answering questions as needed. 10 minutes before the bell rings I will have the students get into their groups to discuss Prezi and how they will utilize it into their PBL.


Student Use: This tool will serve as a way for the students to demonstrate their understanding of the information they have gathered, which will be used in their PBL on the American Civil Rights Movement. The students will collaborate not only in pairs, but also in their groups. The students will be given an entire class period devoted Prezi, in an effort to familiarize them with the tool so that they will be able to use it on their own to fulfill the requirements for the assignment. Once their Prezi is complete, they will not be sharing it with the whole class, instead they will send me the link to their presentations.


Content Connection: Prezi connects to the content by allowing the students to “apply critical thinking skills to organize and use information acquired from a variety of sources, including electronic technology” (TEKS: 29). Through Prezi, the students will also “use different forms of media to convey information, including written to visual and statistical to written or visual, using available computer software as appropriate” (TEKS: 30C).


Example Artifact: I created an example Prezi presentation for what one of the pairs in a given group would create on their topic and time period. This is an example of how each pair within their group will demonstrate their understanding of the information they have gathered so far. This artifact is specifically for Group 2: Movies (1900-1975). This is the link to my Prezi example artifact:




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