Word Clouds v. Mind Maps

Comparison: Word Clouds and Mind Maps are wonderful visual tools that allow students to visually attain information, both lending to differentiation in that capacity. They both are student-centered by the way they are created BY the student, FOR the student. They require prior knowledge from the creator (student) in order to be formulated.

Contrast: Word Clouds and Mind Maps differ in that Clouds take information already formulated by someone else (speeches, essays, newspapers, etc.) Maps are created on the thoughts/knowledge of the actual student. Clouds don’t really have much room to go as far as it regurgitates the most common word used in the implemented information. Maps have the flexibility to go wherever the student wants.

Student-Centered Instructional Strategies: Word Cloud: The student will be responsible for researching the needed document that will be used in their Cloud. They will need to show knowledge of their analytic skills as they determine if that document will be a reliable source to use for their Cloud, and their PBL. Mind Map: The student will be responsible for researching the material necessary to obtain a knowledgeable background in order to Map the gathered information. With the information at hand, the student will be able to Map their findings in an effort to organize and visualize their work.




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