Discussion & Reflection

Discussion & Reflection Tool: Edmodo

Teacher Use: In an effort to provide a safe and student-centered learning environment, I will implement Edmodo as a tool to aid in the discussion and reflection of the research my students have conducted over the course of the PBL pertaining to the American Civil Rights Movement and “race”. I will utilize this tool as our PBL begins to come to a close. Edmodo will be discussed the last 20 minutes of class on a Friday, where I will show them where to go, how to set up an account, and explain the safety and privacy features. I will also send home a permission slip entailing what Edmodo is and all of its safety and privacy features for their parents to read over the weekend. To be accepted into the Edmodo class site, students must get their permission slips signed with their parents’ approval to use the site, which they will bring back to me on Monday. After I pick up the permission slips, later that day I will begin accepting the students into their proper Edmodo groups, also informing them of the posts that are there to read. The students will be able to explore, navigate, and interact with Edmodo for the remainder of the week. Edmodo will also be the place where they must keep themselves updated through on all things concerning their PBL, as I will be posting anything ranging from discussions, polls, assignments, and even quizzes.

Student Use: This tool will serve as a way for the students to effectively engage in meaningful and scholarly discussions and reflections concerning their findings on the American Civil Rights Movement, the issue of “race” concerning the workplace, literature, film, and politics, as well as how it affects today’s society. Edmodo will foster the students’ hypothesizing and critiquing skills concerning the issue of “race” as seen through time (mid-twentieth century to the present). Each student will be required to set up an account and join his or her assigned groups/class periods. After which, each student will be required to respond to each post made by the teacher, and make three posts of their own, in an effort to create an environment that is conducive to discussion and reflection.

Content Connection: Edmodo connects to the content by allowing the students to “apply critical thinking skills to organize and use information acquired from a variety of sources” (TEKS: 29). Edmodo also allows students to “identify and support, with historical evidence, a point of view on a social studies issue or event” (TEKS: 29G). Furthermore, the students will also “use different forms of media (Edmodo) to convey information” (TEKS: 30C).

Example Artifact: I created an example Edmodo site as if I were already an in-service teacher. I made one example group out of a 1st period class. I posted a few examples of what my class Edmodo would look like and what kind of posts I would be making to enhance discussions and reflections by the students about racism, the Civil Rights Movement, and the present.



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