Creation & Editing

Creation & Editing Tool: Storybird

Teacher Use: Storybird will allow for differentiation, which will provide effective learning to all the students in the classroom. As the PBL comes to a close their Storybird assignment will be the second-to-last requirement they will need to fulfill to successfully complete their PBL. On a Wednesday, I will devote the last twenty minutes of class to showing my students Storybird and all its functions. I will have my account set up so all my students may join my class on Storybird. (I will have already had permission slips signed from when we were doing our last assignment on Edmodo). The homework for that evening will be to set up their accounts with mine and they will have the rest of the week to complete their books and be ready to turn in by Monday.

Student Use: My students will use Storybird as a way to create an artifact that will effectively and concisely demonstrate their research (and their understanding of that research) of their PBL category. In their individual groups, the students will write one story pertaining to racism in the past and present within politics, literature, movies, and the workplace for the feeder elementary school. This artifact will serve Higher Order Thinking in that they will be using the information they have learned and generating something new. Requirements: the story will need to be at least 10 pages long, appropriate language and storyline for elementary school children, and will need to support their research on their PBL.

Content Connection: Storybird connects to the content by allowing the students to “apply critical thinking skills to organize and use information acquired from a variety of sources” (TEKS: 29). Storybird also allows students to “use different forms of media to convey information” (TEKS: 30C).

Example Artifact: I created an example artifact on Storybird. This is something I would do as a reference for my students to look at when they create their stories for the feeder elementary school. My example story is a generic version loosely based on Martin Luther King Jr. The students will base their stories on the category their group was assigned for the PBL (workplace, politics, movies, literature) having to do with racism in the past/present.

Here is the link:




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