Creating & Editing Tools II

Engaging in a digital storytelling process using any of the tools from the Creation and Editing category (iMovie in this example) has the potential for a very impactful assignment. The creativity that is involved in storyboarding, scriptwriting, recording one’s own voice, and the video editing process allows students to produce an artifact that exemplifies their understanding and knowledge of the material that they have learned. By constructing something into existence, the students are given not only the opportunity to engage in an inquiry-based learning activity, but they also are given the opportunity for differentiation, which is always key to any teacher’s repertoire.

I believe it to be vital that any teacher not to ask of their students what they themselves are not willing, or are not able to do themselves. As such, this assignment lent itself nicely to such a philosophy. I would not categorize myself as technologically savvy. I can argue that I am familiar with a good majority of technological tools that we have discussed over the course of the semester, but as with most things in life I guess, there is always room for improvement and continued learning. This project allowed me to tap into my knowledge of technological manipulation while also probing me to further inquire about certain aspects of the digital storytelling process that were unbeknownst to me. For me, the creation portion of the project had a bit of a rocky start. It was very much trial-and-error. However, once I gained the knowhow, it became rather empowering to be able to create something from my own knowledge base. In other words, the very “thing” which I created was a direct reflection of my mind’s eye, and to able to not only experience such a process and then look upon what I created was very empowering. The editing process was a bit tedious, especially for a self-proclaimed perfectionist; however, it allowed me to implement the finishing touches on my artifact so that it would become even more than I had envisioned it to be.

The hard work, acquired knowledge, and the feeling of self-pride and satisfaction in their finished product are what I would wish upon all my students. These are the fundamental attributes that (in my opinion) provide students with a learning experience that caters to creativity, hands-on experience, and self-fulfillment that should exists as the cornerstone to all meaningful learning. Even though taking on such a project such as this can be exciting and fun, it can also be quite the challenge for some, but I believe that these obstacles are what make the process meaningful. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, and that should be true even for a classroom of students who are attempting a project such as digital storytelling.

In conclusion this final assignment taught me a lot, not only about digital storytelling, but about my own capabilities as well. The implications for students to engage in such a process would seem to be positive and reassuring that the outcome, as well as the process itself, would lend itself to an impactful learning experience. Using tools from the final category of the Practical Technologies: Creating and Editing, any teacher would be successful in providing students with a inquiry-based project that leaves room for differentiation and the construction of an artifact that reflects one’s understanding of the material in a fun and engaging manner.


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